VRChat+.. yes, they are coming up with a subscription service

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I say to the VRChat devs. Playing Half-Life: Alyx (doing my second playthough). Kovo starts messaging me in Telegram. Lift up my headset and look at my phone.
This is totally not good. | Zootopia | Know Your Meme
If you’re out of the loop, the devs want to give you;
-100 favorite avatar slots.
-Customizable Nameplate Icon.
-A VRChat Plus Supporter Badge.
(and anything else they could pull out of their ass instead of FIX THEIR FUCKING GAME)…
All of this for $10 a month.

Now, before I continue, I don’t speak as someone who ‘hates’ the devs for coming up with this idea. I actually agree that they do need money to fund future development. But.. it could possibly backfire. I speak for someone that cares for VRChat, else I wouldn’t really be posting this.
The problem is the nameplate icon and supporter badge, could cause favoritism in the form of supporting a bugged game. Let’s face it, VRChat has long standing issues that have lasted since I started playing back in 2018. If they could guarantee me they’ll use this $10/mo to help fix their servers, then maybe it’s worth it. It’s good to invest in something that you will get more for your money in return (instead of a pat on the back).
Question is, what else could they offer for this $10/mo that would help justify its cost? Personal servers? Instant FBT calibration? Personal avatar sorting? A free fully-customizable homeworld? More friend groups? More emojis?
Those things might be worth it. Though I dearly doubt ‘free customizable avatar 3.0 that can support full body’ is an option. If they did, I would definitely consider paying (even though I got BTD 4.0 for free and like it).

But the problem here, as I said is going to be favoritism among supporters and non-supporters. Non-supporters will see supporters ‘simping for a broken game’, and supporters could turn aggressive against new players who don’t know anything about this and start to bully them into ‘joining their ranks’.
Crashers will then ramp up and attempt to quell the supporters, and might even turn into bullies themselves.

But this is just one of the issues. The second (more concerning) issue is the devs could crack down on emmVRC and other useful mods as being ways to ‘bypass having to
pay’– especially the higher avatar slot limit (which emmVRC can go infinite as avatar data is stored locally, for free).
They know what emmVRC can do, and they will do everything in their power to prevent it from ever working again. Hence, the death of using mods in VRChat.
Phasmophobia managed to ban the ModLoader client… who’s to say VRChat won’t do the same, hmm?

I dunno what else to say that I haven’t already said. Just, this isn’t a case of ‘if you don’t like it, don’t get it’. It could endanger the future of this game. Then again I could be completely wrong and this service might actually help the game.
But I’m pretty much done talking about it. The devs are going to do whatever they feel is right, despite the majority of the community being against it. It happened with
Blizzard, it’ll happen here.
Except if you don’t like this, then vote with your wallet by not purchasing the service.
If you like mods like emmVRC that try to give features the devs refuse to (such as infinite favorite avatars, a social refresh button, a thing that lets you know when people and leave the instance, play with your friend’s dynamic bones, and so much more…) then give that $10 you would’ve given to VRChat, to them.
They deserve it, more than VRChat does in my honest opinion. They make the game better and more fun.

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Is VRChat delibertly causing issues for pre-SDK2 content creators?

I say: YES. Though I have no proof this was actually deliberate. I also feel the chances of this bug being fixed is next to impossible (for them more than likely not supporting earlier versions of the SDK.. even though it worked before the ‘Avatars 3.0’ update).
Last month, I wanted to push a Halloween Edition to Kovo’s world. I had everything set up and ready to go– all the triggers in place. It was going to be awesome as it was in the theme of Terraria’s Blood Moon event (even having a remix of the song that I tried to edit out the ingame sounds).
Aka I had the moon in Kovo’s world, blood red (and the ground bathed in blood).
So I went to upload, and I’m using VRCCam as normal to set the preview pic to show the spookyness. …This bullshit happened.

This weird ass flickering of the preview and the checkmark of the Upload Image button. The Upload button does the same thing. Immediately I wanted to put the blame on Kovo’s world (with how old it is), yet I also didn’t as.. this just didn’t make any sense. I didn’t add nor delete anything major to the world, and began to suspect it could be the VRChat Devs delibertly causing this glitch (to force SDK3 down people’s throats).

Anyway, Kovo suggested that I reinstall Unity 2018. I did, it’s still happening. And why I now feel it’s the fault of the VRChat dev team (instead of Kovo’s old world) is it’s happening with the BTD 3.5 project I uploaded to test compatibility with World Fixed IK and Final IK (needed for the dancing avatars thing); same flickering BS.
But let’s say they didn’t intentionally do this, that it was an unintentional glitch caused by the updates. I am willing to accept this, but only if a fix is on the works. It is possible they aren’t even aware of this, and I might be the first to mention this (since I use the pre-SDK2 version).
And who’s to say it might not just be on my end, something I may’ve done to the SDK by accident? ..I dearly doubt this. I never even touched the SDK (apart from needing to install it for certain things). I do remember making a backup of his world before the Halloween changes, but I don’t see how this little thing would affect ALL projects.

No, it’s on their end. All they have to do is fix their mistake (intended or not) and I can be on my way. Just save me from all that PR bullshit about “how important” I am to
them, and how much they “care” about me, and fix the issue. That simple. They get their job done, and I can get mine done.
But more than likely, they’ll give me the “we don’t support earlier SDK versions” excuse. Hell, they want to phase out SDK2 (when it hasn’t even been a year since it came out). They did this during their Spookality2020 event, pissing off several well respected content creators (not accepting SDK2 worlds); one of them the king of horror
worlds, OfficialSayon. And now they’re doing it to me, making it where I cannot upload content right in the SDK version before SDK2 (2019.

They give zero fucks about old time content creators. They’re going to find themselves starving once ChilloutVR gets popular (when Youtubers and Twitch streamers begin to play and show it off).
They could do what Unity does and add backwards compatibility to previous SDK
versions (aka the LTS versions of Unity).
Unity still has the original version we used when I first joined VRChat. If people still want to use these old SDK versions, let them. Just show a warning to joiners.
“It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong” -Some person, unknown origin
And I, was wrong. ..It’s not the VRChat devs causing it.. at least not in the way I thought. Aka it was likely a fluke that happened after Avatars 3.0 was released. This is all I can say as a probable cause– a ‘fluke’. See, reinstalling the SDK, fixed it. Yes, the last FUCKING THING I could had thought was the issue, happened to be the issue. Oy..

So, how did I find out it was corruption in the SDK that was causing the flickering? I was trying to get into Unity 2017 to edit BTD 4.0 (to remove he who shall not be named from my hand and horn). Checking the Whelp version, I tried clicking the ‘Upload
Image’ checkbox and notice.. it wasn’t flickering. Huh. Unity 2017 uses the same SDK that I’m using with Unity 2018. Right then and there, I had a possible lead.
Tried to think of a possible reason for this. “Why only Unity 2018 am I having this issue?! I reinstalled Unity, so that can’t be the reason!” Thought it could had been a file or a folder in the project folders causing it, yet I don’t remember anything of that sort.
Looked in the folders, didn’t see anything suspicious. So I tried removing the SDK completely and reinstalled it (feeling this is my last option). Tried my avatars first… no flickering! Holy fuck, did I fix it?!
Did the same thing to Kovo’s world, no flickering there either! WOOT!! So all of this time it was some form of corruption in the SDK. …That means I owe the dev team an apology. Well then, so be it. Though I don’t think they ever got my messages of the way their help desk works (I assume you have to respond via their help desk, not email if you want them to respond back).

But yeah, it’s all good, and I finally got the world updated. That means (if the SDK doesn’t fuck up again or something else doesn’t happen down the line), by December 1st I’ll be releasing a Christmas Edition.
Though it won’t be anything special that Kovo hasn’t already done with his world last year’s Christmas, however if I get help I might have falling snow particles (that won’t be heavy on one’s computer). I… would be asking DJ for help (if I didn’t have him blocked for what he did to Fluffy), of what he showed me last year in his world.

EDIT: I discovered the world can support SDK2, and I’ve since updated the world to it. So no more ‘pre-SDK2’.

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Borderlands 3 (finally) completed, thoughts (and lots of rambling)

God damn.. three months since I last blogged here. Sadly if you expect more blogs, I’m sorry but it’ll be the same as it is now. Hell, I honestly didn’t even feel like doing this one.
Dunno why I no longer care to post about these. But anyway, let me just get this one out of the way here (as it’ll be pretty short).
Been playing Borderlands 3 again. Just got bored enough and did it, and it wasn’t easy as I’m dealing with ‘mental issues’. But you’re not here to see me ramble on.
So overall, I felt Borderlands 2 was better (storywise). Defeating the Calypso twins, didn’t feel anywhere as satisfying as having Handsome Jack cussing at me while being near death, and all I had to do was pull the trigger for what he did to me.
Fuck saving Pandora– I wanted revenge. When I was forced to kill Bloodwing, that beloved pet from Borderlands 1 that I loved so much and put so many points into, woo boy.. it became personal. I wanted this fucker DEAD.

But anyway, Borderlands 3, there is no PoNR (Point of No Return). I half expected the duct tape-held ship you and your NPC friends are flying around in, would be badly damaged before the final fight (which would serve as the PoNR), and you would be heading down while the NPCs try to repair the ship.
Nope, none of that. And when I (I think) killed the other Calypso twin.. like, for the longest part I’m thinking “no way, it can’t be over. This is too easy”. Sure enough it was. And before I start getting into spoiler territory, I just.. I didn’t like the ending. Again, didn’t feel as satisfying as all the things I could do to that bird killer.
I didn’t feel like the hero of not just Pandora (but the galaxy)– just a pat on the back, and unlocking ‘mayhem mode’. Pretty much it. We’ll likely never know what happened to a certain someone (that I cannot say due to endgame spoilers, who sacrificed themself to save all of us).
Now, this mayhem mode endgame content is, what I would call the pinnacle of a gun nut. It has modifiers that don’t just benefit you, but your enemies as well.. so it can turn into a fun clusterfuck that you gotta be ready for. But it can give you really powerful
Also beating the game, awards ‘Guardian Tokens’ (not to be confused with Destiny 1 and 2) that are used to increase certain stats like weapon reload speed, Fight For Your Life duration, and increasing your chance to get those beautiful, powerful Legendary guns).
And with Season Pack II coming soon, it’s to be assumed this game isn’t going to die out anytime soon (which is good).

And so I will discuss.. why it took so long to complete compared to 1 and 2. It wasn’t exactly ‘enemies were very hard’.. it was more, of a mental issue this game brought upon me.
Nomatter how much I try to ignore it, I cannot escape it; the feeling of “not being good enough”– this feeling has plagued me for eons, and sadly this version of Borderlands is where it hurts the most.
See, since Borderlands 1 I’ve soloed the campaign and the DLCs. Though I don’t feel like
I ‘sucked’ back then (never blamed myself, just the difficulty of the enemies). Because I had no one else “showing me off” with how ridiculously hard they can hit compared to myself.
Borderlands 3, changed this for the worst. I have a lot more friends who also played it. I wanted to play it solo, so bad.. but my friends had different ideas. Seeing how good they were compared to me, it made me feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself.. angered I will never be as good as them, as I will never be able to share their mentality.
I already know I’m bad at this game, but again I didn’t really feel it’s my fault (just the difficulty of the enemies)… time and time again, they breezed through content I struggle on. Same level as me, just MUCH.. much better skilled.
Let me say this on layman’s terms here..
Me: Basic skilled, do my best to look at weapon/grenade mod stats; going for high damage, high accuracy and handling over anything else. I understand weapon damage types (blue: shields. corrosive: armor, fire: flesh).
Kovo and Nova: High skilled, Nova alone can tell what a gun’s stats are just by looking at the gun itself (not needing the stats). They’re able to decimate enemies before I can even aim. They also know the world inside out.
See what I have to go against? I can’t compete with that! Half of me doesn’t really wish
to, but I just can’t help but feel “why am I even here? They’re doing all the work. I don’t even feel I’m contributing.. all I’m doing is being carried by them!!” Kovo swears up and down that they do need me.. yeah, to make THEM look good.
Several times, I decide to just ‘go with it’ by doing absolutely nothing (standing there watching them killing everyone.. I keep hoping that one of these days the two will see “yes there’s a problem” and maybe possibly help me be good as them).
Yet who am I kidding? To get to their level would require something I keep stepping all over, saying it doesn’t exist to be good. But the word won’t go down without a fight, and always overpowers and does the same to me.
That word, is “effort”. The word is a like a boomerang– try to throw it away, and it comes back nearly killing me. And sadly, I kind of NEED their help with how mayhem mode is. This isn’t something I can solo.

That word REALLY hit me when I played with Wufy. I tried to do an event (part of the main story) called the Circle of Slaughter. Couldn’t get to a high enough level before getting overwhelmed by constantly running out of ammo. Wufy helped, and.. he’s the main reason why I stopped playing for months– telling me things I already fucking know, really didn’t help my mental state.
At least, for the longest time.. this is what I had assumed was the reason why I stopped playing. I was actually with Kovo, and we were working up to nearly completing the entire game. Upon seeing this, is when I decided to get back into it.

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A ‘false alarm’ with Wurm Online

Why yes indeed it has been awhile since I posted in here. I saw something that I thought had to do with me, but instead was something else.
Waiting for emails from my phone (sending pictures to my email address) to setup my latest post on the General blog. It’s taking forever, so I’m checking my Spam folder and this catches my eye…

“upkeep warning…?” Opened it up;

At first, I thought it said “Your deed Dragontail Hideaway on the server Deliverance” and I fucking lost my mind, thinking “HOLY SHIT… MY DEED IS STILL ALIVE?!”
Now re-reading the message, I said “wait what..?” when I saw the mayor’s name. Further reading.. “OHHHHHHhhhhh.”
It’s the deed of a friend that (at the time, I dunno if he still is or even if he plays) lives in Xanadu, that I became a villager of in order to get my horse branded on that server (so she wouldn’t die of old age).
Wow. To think I could had possibly saved my deed after all of these months since I lost interest. I know my deed is gone by now. I didn’t throw in a year’s worth of upkeep (unlike he did); don’t have that kind of money.

What a somber reminder, huh…? Though I blame the game for losing interest. I don’t feel like grinding for hours on end, watching numbers very..VERY slowly go up. I
cannot ‘Netflix and Chill’ while still focused on repeatedly clicking a few buttons (and things like AutoHotkey wouldn’t work, since the tool keeps changing of what it needs to improve).
Plus, Stamina and Food/Water are a thing that must be monitored and managed. Its repetitive nature gets on my nerves, when I just want to be out there and explore. Oh but guess what…? You gotta worry about the quality of your armor and weapons! You gotta worry about getting ripped off out of your silver (who take advantage of ‘lazy’ people like myself), thinking you’re getting a good deal having someone else imp them for you (then find out later from others.. “you got ripped off”).
Getting silver usually requires real money. If you wanna earn it (without real money), well buck up and go grind up your skills.
…Who the fuck has time for that!? Mad lads (and people that aren’t bothered by a ‘little’ grinding), that’s who.

Well, that’s why I left (again). But this time it didn’t involve telling Angry “I don’t care what happens”. This time I left on my own. I just wasn’t really having fun
anymore, constantly getting lost due to outdated maps when exploring. Being unsure if I should kill a troll.. if they kill me first with that damn club of theirs. Always never having the right Body Control level (no matter how much I grind on killing mobs).
…Just, fuck all that noise.

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‘BTD 3.5 Rebirth Project’

“Wait, BTD 3.5?! WHA?!” you might be asking from looking at the title.
Yes. 3.5, as this resurrection project to bring back a fan favorite with some of my furry friends, using the new 1.2b Dutchie model. I am also doing the Blender editing
myself (yes, I’m actually doing it). I learned how to remove parts of the model! 😀
I mean, since we’re stuck in isolation for God knows how long until this virus stops spreading (even though this is normal for me.. well minus having to get food delivered on the weekend instead of walking), I might as well learn something new.

Here’s my current work (heavily WIP and in Alpha of course);

As you can see, the horns/ears/wings have been removed (and so are their bones). I’ll be removing the chest and back fluff soon, and the tail fluff. I can see now why it took so long to do before, as there are a lot of faces to remove.
The next challenge is to actually add a model to another model (horns/elbow claws/back spikes), but I feel (hopefully) confident I’ll find out how to do that. My BTD wings, I’ll do that in Unity as they’re a headache to rig.

So why am I doing this now? It’s something I discovered with the old model, in a .. very interesting way of finding out. Laying down on a bed while Jero was.. well, you know, I noticed the lighting was really bad on the model. It was horribly bad. The sex sure wasn’t though. 😉
So yeah, that is hilariously why I’m doing this. Because the 4.0 is.. too THICC for that activity. lol

I will be posting updates as work continues on the model. 🙂
DAY 2 (learned how to hide the armature by the way);

Head/neck & back/shoulder fluff has been removed. Though I had a bit of an issue removing the neck fluff..

Thankfully the nice folks in the Blender Discord were able to help me by going into Edge mode and hitting ‘F’.
I also learned how to remove the ‘beans’, thanks once again to the Blender Discord!

And that’s not all I learned; two new kinds of mass select hotkeys.

Aaaaand.. DONE! Done removing the floof, that is.

Removing the tail floof was a bit tricky, as it blended well into the tail itself. Thankful for an undo option.
Now I could take this time to redesign the ‘waffle tail’ at the end to be more straight. But I might do that at a later time.
And thanks to Wolves, I ‘learned’ (more like struggled in trying to learn what hotkeys to hit and when) how to add my horns to the model, but how to make my own. You gotta weight paint them to have them part of the model, which is easy. Probably will have to do that for the back spikes and the elbow claws.
Taking a break, and will likely be asking Wolves again (and writing down what he tells me to do). If he can, I’ll make new elbow claws and spikes.
DAY 3 (thanks to Wolves’ teaching, the model is nearly ready for the Beta stage);

The horns/elbow claws/back spikes have been added to the model. As usual, it was annoying with him being sarcastic and making fun of me at times. But if it wasn’t for his timely help, this project would’ve been delayed for a very long time.
Wolves also taught me how to make a triangle in less than a minute (to replace the old one).
But anyway, yeah! All I need to do now is remove the beans from the feet (forgot about that, DERP!!)

There, don– wait. Why’s the right foot missing its claws?? Asked Wolves and followed his direction, but applying the Mirror modifier gives me an error: “Modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with shape keys.”
And that’s now fixed. Turns out since the claws (even when detached from the model), the shape keys are still part of it and had to be removed to properly apply the modifier.
DAY 4 (final touches);

I’m cleaning up the back/tail spikes by resizing them (and adding more). Also you might notice something’s different with the tail now.

I got rid of the diamond part of the tail (that’s typical with Dutchie tails), and made it pointier (with help from Wolves)! It was a simple resize thing, but had a few parts that I possibly would not be able to recreate without writing them down.
Blender has a LOT of “do this but make sure you do X before, but not before doing Y!” that makes my head spin.
For example, when it comes to attaching an object to a bone, there are so. many. STEPS!!
Go to Object Mode, select bone which takes you to Pose Mode, then you gotta right click to go back to Object Mode, then you go to Weight Paint, then you go back to Edit Mode just to set the fucking object to the bone! Holy fuck, Blender.
But anyway, I got what I needed done and the model is pretty much ready for the Beta state (Unity). I need a break from this. Blender is just so freakin’ infuriating at
times (when you’re trying so hard to learn it).
DAY ??? (what time is it?)
“Oh, it’s you folks. It’s been a long time! How have you been? I’ve been reeeeeaallly busy putting this project on hiatus!”
I’m still alive, yes. I’ve been putting this project on hold for a very, very long time. But now it’s time to stop that and get back to work, especially when I wrote down a list for myself on moving the project into Beta. However… I felt what I had done was “too easy”, too simple– something was going to go wrong.
Sure enough, I was right. The model had no ‘Armature’ listed in the Hierarchy. The Armature is important, as it fuses the bones to work within the mesh (aka to make the model move). In other words, the model had no muscles. The bones moved, but without muscles, the body won’t move with the bones.
I also noticed this issue when I was looking for answers;
Missing left leg bone. Not good. Attempting to fix caused these errors;

I was forced to ask Kaelygon (since he made the model). After awhile, I discovered the issue with the missing leg bone. It was using CATRigLLeg1.001, instead of CATRigLLeg1.

Correcting this mistake (possibly caused by the export), the invisible bone issue is now fixed!

As for the ‘muscles’ not doing anything, it turned out there’s a export bug with 2.79b. I noticed this (from this);

Notice the word ‘Armature’ isn’t listed. Kael asked for the blend file and I sent him. He exported it using 2.8, and it worked (proving it wasn’t an issue with the model itself).
He also told me to get the latest Blender version (which currently is 2.8.2a), and it gives a new UI when exporting.
Using that, it’s working fine now (posing works as it should, meaning the bones have properly fused inside the mesh).

This is normal. 🙂 Armature should always go before Body.
DAY Whatever (it doesn’t matter anymore)
Work on the Beta is going pretty good, and the reason why I’ve been putting the project on hiatus becomes clear. Not only is it the fear of the entire project falling apart (due to something going wrong after removing the fur and adding other stuff), but having to manually add the eyes and wings.
And as expected, the eyes were a pita to set right. The wings however.. surprisingly weren’t when the scaling lined up perfectly.

Feel like I may’ve went a bit overboard with the tail spikes. Maybe, I dunno. But I did notice something else; a similar issue I noticed in Blender that didn’t really make itself known until I was moving the hand collider settings over..

The right hand’s claws are missing. And it’s confirmed in Blender.

First the right foot, now the right hand. Why is this happening…?
And I got my fix (via Wolves). Also spent the time writing down every step, including exporting to fbx using Blender 2.8.2a.

Hmm… the claws have the scale texture?! That won’t do at all!! I’m going to need to redo the old emission and exclude that (plus the chest).
Actually no. As I was fixing dinner, the solution came to me. I have to put the emission as the Detail Mask (it’s the one that controls where the scale shader shows up). And sure enough…

No more scales where I don’t want them! 😀
DAY Almost Ready (yes it is)
Progress continues on Beta. It’s nearing the release state, which is good as I hope to have it ready for use and uploaded before the next Dutchie Meetup. It went through yet another hiatus period (to be with the one I love).
It was literally yesterday when I got back to work on it, but I had reached a snag; a quite big one that was really showing its teeth.

Trying to move the public use idle animation I set up for Jero’s avatar. The pose
worked, but as you can see… an old nemesis showed itself. Except this one wasn’t anywhere as bad as the original. But it did make absolutely no sense of why it was happening! Even having zero keyframes and hitting the Preview button, the jaw pops open.
I had to ask Kaelygon, but also remembering advice he has given to others of a similar issue (yet I wasn’t sure if the issue was truly related to mine). This morning as I was waking up, Kael responded to my help request asking “is the jaw empty in the avatar rig configuration?” Still waking up I could barely understand what he meant by this.
With OJ down my throat and fully awake, my brain made me remember what Kael told others.
…It is related to my issue! Infact it was the issue! But I had to ask “why” is this a thing and if it’s related to the jaw hanging issue I had with the original Dutchie model (after that one VRChat update). He said “vrchat uses it as jaw flap bone even if you have selected visemes in avatar descriptor
and unity by default sets the jaw”
Basically, VRChat ‘made a fucky wucky’ that hasn’t been reverted since my jaw hanging issue started. Anyway, unsetting the jaw fixed the issue. Now work can continue with setting up the visemes and dynamic bones.

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NMS VR is extremely immersive, but buggy (and taxing)

I could end it right there by saying ‘/title’, but that wouldn’t be explaining anything to anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet.
So my best explanation is: think Elite Dangerous with space legs. Well, not fully space
legs (you can’t walk around your ship). But you can look around your ship and actually feel like you’re in it (more than you can do in Desktop).
So here’s a short list of all the things you can do in the VR mode of No Man’s Sky;
-You have hands. You reach with your right hand behind your shoulder to grab your handheld mining laser.
-With the mining laser equipped, you use your left hand to point at a menu to select the mode (when you have the terrain manipulator module installed), and the scanner. Simply point with your right hand what you want to mine.
-With your left hand, you can open your inventory, the quick menu, and the base building build menu.
-For movement, it defaults to snap turn and teleportation. But you can set this for desktop-like movement by going to Options, Control Settings, and setting them to Smooth.
-For flying around in your starship.. this is where the real immersion happens. You have to constantly hold down the buttons on your controllers to grab the throttle and flight stick.
-To leave the ship, there are two green handles. Grab on one of them and pull up. I absolutely love this level of immersion.

Now, for the issues with VR. It is very taxing on your CPU (even more than VRChat). Both myself and Jero are seeing framerates of 50-30, and at times in the teens with structures around.
And bugs I found;
-No crosshair when using the analysis visor, means you got to carefully look at things when marking or scanning. Sometimes I end up marking a resource (while trying to scan something else). It’s a pain.
-Placing a custom marker is so freakin’ buggy. It keeps showing up far to the left (out of my VR’s FOV). There’s no known way to point where you want the marker to go.
-WMR has no free button to change the color/material of a base part that’s already
placed. Though this is only a small thing.
-Changing your player model causes your hands to be further of where your IRL hands
are (on your controllers). It is definitely noticeable when piloting a starship (with your floating wrists being on the controls instead of your hands).
-It fucks with WMR’s boundary in SteamVR; moving it out of alignment with SteamVR’s play area.
-The only way to remap controls is inside SteamVR.. you can’t do it ingame. But this is a small thing.

So that’s about it. Despite the bugs and the framerate issues, the game is mind blowing in VR. Best thing ever is sitting on the galaxy loading screen with all the stars whizzing past your face.

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“This game is addicting!!” -Jero (No Man’s Sky ‘mini-review’)

What started off as a mini-review, ended in what could’ve been a few firsts for me. Could had, but RonNightFury (when I dated him) ‘took the awards’ of..
1. Playing a game with the one I love, in a game that’s different than the game I met them.
2. Playing a game with the one I love, with just me and them.
Yeah, sadly he took those. But, Jero and I played for a very, very.. very long time. Infact it was all day and night! So that could be a first all in itself.

Jero also took two other awards;
1. First time I bought a game to play with the one I love.
2. First time I ever bought a game to play with the one I love that I avoided like the plaque.

It’s true; a game I sat on the fence for months while laughing at all the “game companies are SCREWING US!!! Folks, think with your wallets to prevent this from happening again!!” talk. And before I turn this into a very weird porno, I feel as if… I dunno. It’s such a weird feeling of buying a game just so you can play with the one you love, especially a game I ignored all of the “they’re making it better now! It’s becoming what was promised on release!!” talk.
‘They should had’ keeps coming to mind here, instead of promising us the moon and providing a mutated spec of space dust (that I bet they didn’t even go into space to get).
But, I enjoyed myself very much. It started with Kovo, who wanted to help me help Jero by knowing what to do. Mainly, he wanted to see just how multiplayer works; if both would join the same planet.
And the answer is: yes’ish. I was on the moon, Jero showed up on the ringed toxic planet. He assumed we were “lightyears apart”. Not really, you’re just on the main planet. At least that’s what his blip showed when I saw it.
He was next to last on the mission to repair his ship, and I went over to say hi (and try to help). Sadly there’s not much I can do, when gameplay is local to the one playing it. I picture this when I was playing WoW with my alt (trying to help powerlevel him), and there’s quests that are phased that only he will see things.
With this game, it’s sort of like that. Missions are phased yes, but the environment isn’t. And this played out later on when I was still on the toxic planet with him, and had to get off for dinner.
When I came back, I expected him to be welcoming me back and having to wait for him to come back on. Instead, I joined and noticed my ship was moved back. I also saw another ship. Went over to it. “Enter JEROMEAH’s Ship”. Uhhh… okay. Something could be wrong with my save, making it think Jero’s still here. So I go do my own thing (locating Buried Technology Modules and extracting their Salvaged Data).
Was heading back to my ship…
*’Come and Get Your Love’ intro plays*
Jero: *waves* Heeeeeyyy!!
Me *not paying attention*: Heeeeeyyy!! *sees Jero in my game*
What Is Happening Friends GIF - WhatIsHappening What Friends GIFs

What the FUCK?! …HOW?! You didn’t request to join my save.. yet you’re in my save!
Just, how?! HOW?! Game devs, why is Jero not in another instance of the planet!?
Apparently, this is a ‘feature’ after asking the Steam community; Jero was in the
system, which is how he was able to show up without actually being in my save.
This is bad, very bad. Because my sweetheart, loves mining. And this, is what I came back to;

He stripped the planet of its resources. lmao
…For I have become Death, the Destroyer of Ecosystems! *cute British chuckle* -Jero
What’s even more funny, of him constantly running out of room in his backpack. Gee, I wonder why!
It took him so. long.. to get to where I am (which is to investigate the Space Station and figure out who owned the Base Computer in the past), because of all the grinding he was doing. Also, and I’m not 100% sure if it was because he wasn’t in my save, he had to make his base back on the toxic planet that I started on (instead of on the moon as me).
My theory is it detected my base and decided to ‘set up shop’ for him back on the toxic planet.
Wonder if it’s possible for him to pack up and still put his base near mine (since he’s now done with that initial part of his player progression). We made it to the Space Station and now it’s telling us to go back to base via teleporter.. that’s a problem (for me)– mine’s unpowered as the Bioreactor in the game, cannot be turned off. And hilariously
enough, the Steam Community (from my searching) has told people “the Bioreactor is
shit, get solar panels/batteries as soon as you can”. Yet the tutorial TOLD me (and Jero) to make the fucking thing!! D:{
Solar Panels require Gold, which I have not seen on the toxic planet nor the moon!! So WTH, GAME?! …And even more “wth” is the game didn’t even tell me that Gold can be primarily acquired by destroying asteroids orbiting above planets (and in interplanetary space). It’s also how you can find the fuel required for the Starship’s pulse drive.

And we haven’t even tried the game in VR yet (yes, it can be played in VR). Lots of people say it’s “hella immersive”, and that sounds quite interesting.
Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Something tells me Jero’s going to want to play this in VR (and get me to do it too).

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Breaking: Local derg hospitalized after “nearly dying from cuteness of his boyfriend”

Situation: Wanting your BF to get on VRChat more, sadly he cannot as he’s been working his tail off (and working late) to make ends meet.
Solution: You make a huggable ‘full-sized doll’ of him. Aka make the model wiggly, but exclude the head and arms.

It.. works alright. It’s not perfect, as it doesn’t wiggle as much as I’d like (feels too
stiff), and it isn’t really staying ‘glued’ to my hand. But the blame goes to how rigging is used in Unity. Can’t make the neck down as dynamic bones, as it has to be a ‘root’ bone that connects to all other bones (aka the Hips).
Sucks, but.. I can’t do much. It’s either that or I add every. single. bone as a dynamic bone.
Anyway, it’s alright. It could be worse. Still love the idea.
Though I had an issue with the sound. Yes, I did it again: I recorded Jero. This time of him saying “Awwww!” The problem was the range of the sound wasn’t being heard, and I had to move the source to the hips instead.
I hope to one day record him saying “I wuv you!!” and combine the two. So all I’ll hear when activated.. “AwwwWWWW! — I wuv you!!”

Oh god… my heart… help!!
Rockos Modern Life Animated GIF - RockosModernLife ModernLife Animated GIFs
melts into a puddle from Jero’s beautiful British voice

Magic Clapping GIF - Magic Clapping MagicClap GIFs
And I’m back! (lol)
Now sadly (with this idea), its as far as I can go. And the ‘thanks’ once again, goes to Unity. I know I said this before and I’m going to end up repeating myself.
Had.. *erm* NSFW ideas, and ideas of wholesome animations of him actually hugging and and snuggling me, but…I can’t do an idle animation in the Armature (as it can’t find the Animator there). It’s looking for this when setting up or editing an animation;

And that isn’t present when putting the Animator component in the Armature (as sadly it’s part of an avatar).
I can definitely have arms (etc..) moving, but I have to manually set up the
animation (using the Armature). And since you cannot put an Animator into the main avatar (as it’s supposed to be seen as an object and not an avatar).. yeah it’s not good.
But, I am happy to have a cuddle-sized version of his avatar. : )

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Half-Life: Alyx release date revealed, new ‘Valve Index’ shipment soon

OFFICIAL release date.

Also, some ingame photos;

Finally, preorder bonuses for ones that have purchased a Valve Index. They will “roll out the week of March 2nd.”
-SteamVR Home environments themed of the game.
-Free copy of the game
-And more to be announced
(At least they better release more, as it’s over $1,000 to get the headset)

They plan to also announce when new Valve Index’s will roll out of the factory, ‘soon’™.

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Autonauts – Automation that is secretly teaching you ‘block code’

Greetings viewers! I’m back for another game mini-review. This review is based off of my own personal playtime.
First and foremost: the game is quite fun (once you know the basics), but its tutorial kind of fails on directing the player. Now that’s not really a bad thing (as most people don’t like being ‘hand-held’ when doing things). I’m mainly talking about how vague one core feature to the game is explained.
So, what is this game and what is it about. Simply put, it’s based around landing on an uninhabited planet (with no sign of enemies and stuff). Your task is to prepare the planet for automation and to colonize it for the human race. However, it offers a twist that kind of makes no sense (when you get to the first level of Colonization).
The core of the game is to automate everything you can do, with robots. The way you do it is for them to repeat your own actions (for example, chopping a tree or storing sticks).
Basically, anything you do a lot, consider making life easier by having a robot do it for you.

However the way you program each bot is taught with ‘block code’, doing something like this (telling a bot how to make an Axe);

Or this (telling a bot how to pick up sticks until they can pick up no more, and then keep throwing them into storage until there is no more)…

Complexity of what you can tell your bot to do, is limited to how much memory the bot can hold, and how complex you can think. Starter bots, you have to make sacrifices with one bot chopping and another picking up logs and storing them.
Storage is interesting. Pretty much everything is infinite in this game, and you never have to worry about gumming up having too many logs or too many planks. The game has a safety feature that deletes excess of whatever, preventing lag. So don’t ever worry about a robot over-producing something.
Robots do run out of power, and can be recharged by the player, or by even setting up robots that will do it for you (and even recharge themselves when needed), making life so much easier.

And then, there’s the colony system. Or as I like to call; heart-shitting babies. Once you’re able to automate the production of food, you’ll have access to colonists. Thing is, you always have access (even when you start).
So how do you get colonists? Place a beacon down and wait for them to show up? No. Explore the world and find humans? No! Educate your bots until they become colonists? NO!!
…You create them, from seeds. So when you’re a parent and you’re faced with that embarrassing question from your child; “where do babies come from?”
This, is what you tell them. Then you deposit the seed in an incubator (add 5 food), and..

So that, son, is where babies come from! 😀
Each baby colonist has its own Tier system. Freshly created babies start at Tier 1. There are 6 tiers in total. You start by feeding a baby colonist food, and it craps out hearts. You use these hearts for research.
The research is used to unlock new tools, houses for your colonists (that will help to advance them to Tier 2), cooking options, new bots (and upgrades for your existing
ones), new workstations, new things to build…, etc.
When you unlock research, the training wheels are removed and you’re pretty much on your own at that point. Meaning, you don’t have to choose a particular path; play the game the way you want.
If you want berries to be the colonists’ only food source, this is allowed. Continue to grow your automated factory, your way.

So yeah, that is Autonauts. A nice, chill game that seems perfect for kids (and kids at heart). Just don’t pull your hair out early game when you realize all the tasks you need to do (and the number of bots you need to make to automate said tasks).

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